But what does that mean exactly & how can I help you?

You’ve launched your brand and feel like you’ve checked all the boxes (lovely products, your own photography, regular Instagram posts), but still struggle to attract the right customers online?

You want to stand out from the competition, but you are not sure how to create a magnetic and authentic brand that will help you connect to your ideal audience and keep them coming back for more?  

You know your brand potential and that people will love your product or service, but you are not sure how to tell your unique brand story through compelling visuals?

You are a one (wo)man show and you like it that way, but you could really use regular help and advice from someone who understands the areas of photography, social media, (influencer) marketing and running a business solo?

You are a perfectionist and want to do things right from the get-go, but need help creating that professional brand look & feel without investing thousands of euros on brand development and content creation before even selling your first products or services?

Even though ‘visual storytelling’ is quite new in both the visual arts and in the context of marketing, it is a key factor for driving your business in today’s fast-consuming world. With a dramatic rise in content production (and consumption) and an ever decreasing attention span (down to an average of 8 seconds!), the need for effective visual storytelling is growing rapidly. This is where Studio NOA NOIR comes in...


Content Creation

High quality and consistent visuals that are in line with your brand's identity and aesthetics. For the past 7 years I have been working with international clients on creating content as part of their marketing campaigns, for their social media channels or to give their website a refresher.

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You have defined your business idea, but you don't know how to get it across in an inspiring & engaging way? Part of the visual branding services I offer are: brand identity design and direction, brand refresh, colour palettes, social media feed consultation, consistent art direction and brand style guides.

Creative direction

I offer creative direction in conceptualizing and producing photo-shoots, look books, social media content, brand design & more. Services include (but are not limited to): creative consultation, photography direction, shoot styling, visual style consulting, concept styling. Individually or with a team.