it's all about
visual storytelling

I help you to tell (and sell) 
your brand's story, visually. 


Content creation. Visual branding. Creative direction. Everything you need to align your brand story, identity & goals visually to make a compelling first impression, attract your ideal customers, and effectively contribute to your business' growth and success. For those that are new or need a fine-tune.


1 - 1 consulting sessions to elevate your (visual) brand, learn new skills and grow your business. From creative brainstorming to mini training sessions on photo editing or social media & influencer marketing -- each session is tailored to your specific business need... from a one-off consult to weekly sessions.


I have created brand identities from scratch. Directed, styled, photographed and produced fashion shoots. Worked with global brands on social media content. Advised existing brands on their creative direction and brand development. Here's a little selection of my previous work.